Natural’s brainchild:  join a former professional experience based on a hundred and fifty years of work in the oil field to a viable and modern organization.

Our care is intended for lovers of good food and natural flavors without neglecting those who consider the correct supply one of the most important factors in the defense of their own health.

Our work begins in the countryside next to the producers of olives to be present in the stages of cultivation, collection and delivery. Just doing so you can check and select the best quality olives and provide consumers with foods created with responsibility and respect for the environment and human health.

The choice of putting modern technology at the service of traditional work processes and the care and attention paid to the product in every moment from production to packaging, allow us to offer products that are well suited to different needs food & provide a varied and wide choice according to different uses and requirements.

Natural is a tradition which is renewed.

If today this company has produced exquisite quality increasingly varied and popular, due to its more than a century old and origin. We must, in fact, go back in 1854 when the old mill was founded by Giuseppe Tatascione who undertook his precious journey in oil production. He was able to exploit with skill and admirable commitment to generosity and fertility of the lands of Bucchianico.

From father to son the path continued with Francesco, Enrico and Giovanni, up to the current Manager, Francesco. These, together with his young eldest son Enrico, enthusiastic continues the same tradition and has succeeded in combining the ancient olive oil experience, with the latest technology.

And it is precisely this blend between tradition and innovation that Natural wants and will always stand out.

Famiglia Natural


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