Oil “Piana dell’Uliveto”

Olio Piana dell'Uliveto

Oil “Piana dell’Uliveto”


Line: Traditional Line
Type: Oil
Description: The oil "plain of olive grove" is produced through a careful selection of olives and a cold milling carried out after a very short time from the collection. The olive tree needs Sun and suffers, especially in the bloom, the damp and foggy. It grows well in hilly, permeable and limestone slopes not too pronounced and without drainage problems. The land of Abruzzo, in particular in the area of Chieti, presents these characteristics and is therefore ideal for growing olives suitable to produce an oil rich in natural and nutritional substances typical of the best extra virgin olive oil. The characteristics of the product are given by expert monitoring Natural stages of growing, harvesting and milling. This care enhances the product's organoleptic qualities that natural features.



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