Peeled Tomatoes

Natural Pomodoro Pelato

  Peeled Tomatoes


Line: Traditional Line 

Type: Rossi
Description: For peeled tomatoes is basic the red colour, the elongated shape, robust Peel easily detachable from the underlying tissue. The fresh product is heated up to a temperature of about 90° to remove, then the peel from the pulp by hand. Once deleted damaged berries, the petioles and the residues of kins, peeled production line involves filling the glass jars the tomato and closing under vacuum, then proceed to the stage of pasteurization, which allows the microbiological stabilization with aim to inactivate any alteration of the product by micro-organisms. The result of the products faithful to tradition, genuine housewife from Abruzzo and balanced that retain all the flavour and the freshness of freshly picked tomatoes. All of our Red line products do not contain any preservatives and dye and are ready to be enjoyed and appreciated by those who are attentive to a healthy, balanced diet.
Ingredients: Tomatoes, salt.



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