Organic asparagus cream

Natural Patè Olive Verdi Biologico

Organic Asparagus Cream


Line: Organic Line

Type: Creme
Description: The line of organic Creams is made without the addition of any preservative; natural and organic ingredients are the black and green olives, asparagus and extra virgin olive oil. 
Recommendations consummation: The main feature of cream of asparagus is its ease of preparation and naturalness of its ingredients; enjoying the paté you can appreciate the real taste of asparagus. The asparagus cream is ideal for spreading on bruschetta and crostini; great is its use for pasta and to accompany white meat. 
Conservation: After opening the jar of paste it is recommended to cover the upper part with a few tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, so as to avoid oxidation of the product (due to the absence of preservatives in our products). Not necessarily should be kept refrigerated. 
Ingredients: Asparagus, olive oil, vinegar, salt. Organic products.

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